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Advice for finding the right bra to fit your fuller bust

Shopping for a new bra should be fun, but here at Camille, we know that it can be a difficult task for so many, especially when it comes to finding a suitable style that makes you feel both supported and confident at the same time. Plus, if you’ve been blessed with bigger breasts, you’ll know all too well that this can come with its own list of trials and tribulations – bra strap marks, wardrobe malfunctions, back pain… need we say more?

Choosing the right clothing can combat any fashion styling issues to some extent, and investing in attire that you feel good in can make all the difference when accommodating a larger bust. Adding key pieces to your wardrobe such as a wrap top or a waist belt allows you to cinch in your waist and show off your shape in an ultra-flattering way. However, when it comes to getting the proper support that you need to feel truly body confident, it’s what’s underneath that really counts!

That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of useful tips and advice for women with larger breasts to keep in mind when they’re on the hunt for that new go-to bra, as well as a few guidelines for when it comes to caring for their garments so that they can last for as long as possible.

Choosing the right bra for you

Support, comfort and style are all elements that hold the utmost importance when lingerie shopping, as they ultimately determine whether or not the bra that you’re trying on benefits you in a positive way. Rather than compromising on any of these elements, we believe that it’s important to buy a bra that can meet all of your demands so that you can feel amazing in whatever you wear.

Many experts predict that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and if you have large breasts, this is likely to be because you are squeezing into one that’s either too small or doesn’t provide enough support. Picking a bra that fits is essential for comfortable wear and eases the strain on your back, so if your straps are constantly falling down, your cups are gaping or your underwire feels a little too snug, it may be time to try out a new size.

Pay attention to the band of the bra – this provides the majority of the support that holds the weight of your bust, so it’s vital that it fits well. The band should fit around your body evenly, lay flat across your back, and provide a fit that is snug, but not uncomfortable. Check that it stays in place by raising your arms, ensuring that it doesn’t move or shift out of place. If it does, it’s too big. Your bra should only fit you on its loosest hook and eye fastening as this allows for the band to stretch over time, meaning that your garment will fit you for longer. For the cups, these should fit smoothly against each breast and shouldn’t gape or dig into the tissue. Finally, when adjusting your straps, make sure that they are tight enough so that they don’t slip down – this aids the support provided by the band. Of course, they shouldn’t dig into your shoulders or cause any discomfort, so you should still be able to fit two fingers underneath each strap to make sure of this.

Now, let’s talk fabric. In previous decades, it was widely believed that only the basic, heavy, reinforced styles of bra could possibly provide enough support for women with larger breasts, so this was all that was available on the market. Fast forward to today though, and many brands are now embracing more delicate fabrics such as lace and satin, adding structure to cater to larger busts. At Camille, we’re proud to feature these stunning fabrics in our own collections, as we believe that every woman deserves to have beautiful lingerie in their wardrobe. When deciding which styles have the right structure for you, focus on the level of wing support, along with taking underwire, padded cups and wide straps into consideration to find the perfect fit.

Caring for your bras

When you find the right bra that gives you the support you need, it’s likely that you’ll want to keep it in your life for as long as possible. Therefore, you should make a conscious effort to give your garment a little extra love and care to keep it looking and feeling as good as new. 

All bras wear out and stretch out when they are used frequently, but making sure that you only wear yours for up to two days at a time can actually make them last even longer. This is because giving your bra a break after each wear allows it to ‘rest’, giving the textile fabrics a chance to recover and preventing them from losing their original shape. Having a few bras on rotation allows you to alternate between garments over time, ensuring that you’re still receiving the same amount of support.

It’s also beneficial to know when it’s time to replace your bras, as your old favourite is likely to be too worn out to provide you with adequate support – bras that are worn regularly typically need to be replaced every six months, but if they are well looked after they can last for up to two years. You’ll know when your bra has reached the end of its life if the band, cups or straps have been stretched out, the colour is faded, the fabric is worn or the underwire has escaped from its lining. For those who have a larger bust, some of these defects may cause discomfort, so keeping on top of replacing your favourite bras regularly is the key to feeling supported and confident, always.

We celebrate women of all shapes and sizes here at Camille, and we adore being able to offer our customers a luxurious, high-quality range of lingerie including full-cup, padded, underwired, multiway and strapless bras for big breasts. With an array of stunning designs featuring lace and patterned detailing, we believe that there’s an option that’s right for everyone.

If you found our advice for big breasts blog useful, consult our bra fitting guide to learn more about finding the perfect fit for you.

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