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How To Look Sexy And Confident In A Chemise

Image of a woman wearing a white satin chemise and dressing gown

Chemise nighties embody a classic feminine aesthetic that has fallen in and out of fashion. As they have continued to be redesigned and transformed to appeal to modern women, their timeless versatility ensures they are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for comfortable nightwear or a sexy piece of lingerie, a satin chemise should be a staple in your evening wardrobe, as they are guaranteed to make you look and feel good.

While you might overlook a chemise nightie when building your clothing collection, it could quickly become one of the hardest-working lingerie pieces you own. They can also positively impact your confidence and attitude, so what’s not to love? 

If you’ve never worn a chemise before, choosing the perfect design and styling it properly can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Our guide will provide you with everything you need to know about chemises, from what they are to how to wear them. Follow our tips to look sexy and confident in a chemise today and learn more about this popular, centuries-old style.


  1. What is a chemise?
  2. What’s the difference between a chemise and a shift?
  3. How to wear a chemise nightie
  4. Do you need a satin chemise?

What is a chemise? 

So, what is a chemise? The true origin of the chemise takes us back to the 18th century when they were much more than the stylish fashion pieces they are today. Chemises were considered the original undergarments worn by men and women to protect clothing from oils on the skin. Acting as a barrier layer, they were straight-cut pieces of white linen that were washed regularly, unlike outer garments.

Chemises became popularised by Queen Marie Antionette of France when she used chemise to refer to a new style of unfitted dress, the chemise à la reine. Today’s designs are much more delicate and revealing than their ancestors, so they have a sexy and sensual reputation. Their sleeveless silhouette hangs from the shoulders and is loosely fitted at the waist so that it can be worn in various ways. 

What’s the difference between a chemise and a shift?

While some may wonder what the difference between a chemise and a shift is, the truth is that there isn’t any. Both words refer to the same undergarment, as it has had various names throughout history. Until the 19th century, it was commonly called a ‘shift’ when worn by women and a ‘shirt’ when worn by men. As there weren’t any differences between the men’s and women’s garments, the word ‘chemise’ later became standard. Following this, there were more variations in pattern and trimming, with many designs made of cotton instead of linen.

How to wear a chemise nightie

Now that you know the history of the chemise, you may wonder how to incorporate it into your clothing rotation. From luxurious nightwear pieces to glamorous statement designs, there is a chemise to suit everyone.

One way to wear a chemise nightie is to keep it traditional and wear a slip chemise under your clothing. Whether heading to a special occasion or a long day at the office, a slip chemise will ensure that skirts and dresses skim your body for a flattering look. They double up as shapewear, making you feel comfortable all day long. 

If you’re looking for new nightwear as a gift or just a treat for yourself, why not consider a satin chemise? They are ideal for women of all ages and styles and are available in various lengths, from the knee to the ankle. Chemises soared in popularity thanks to Hollywood film and TV, so full-length designs will allow you to embody the same iconic glamour in the comfort of your home. 

You can combine your chemise with a sophisticated negligee for the ultimate elegance. Layering your satin chemise with a lavish nightgown will transform your look and have you feeling comfortable and confident. If you’re ready to inject a little luxury into your wardrobe, keep reading to learn how you can benefit from a satin chemise in your collection.

Image of a woman wearing a pink satin chemise and dressing down

Do you need a satin chemise?

You might still wonder whether a chemise is right for you, but their comfort, practicality and versatility make them the perfect staple for your wardrobe. Here are the reasons why you need a silky chemise in your life:

They’ll boost your confidence

It’s hard not to feel beautiful in an elegant chemise. These soft and stylish nightwear staples instantly make you feel put together, exuding confidence and poise.

They’re ideal for all seasons 

Chemises are perfect for keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter so you can wear yours all year round. Opt for a lightweight, luxe fabric to allow your skin to breathe during the night, or try a cosy jersey style for an extra layer of warmth.

They will flatter your shape 

As they are designed with a loose fit, chemises skim over your curves for a beautifully flattering aesthetic. Whatever your body shape, you’re guaranteed to look amazing in a chemise.

Say goodbye to static

Wearing a chemise under dresses and skirts will stop static fabrics and skirts from riding up. It provides an additional layer between your clothing and skin, adding extra comfort to make you feel your best.

They act as shapewear

A chemise provides an effective element of shapewear as it hides all unwanted underwear lines beneath your clothing. It instantly creates a gorgeous smoothing effect that accentuates your silhouette and flaunts your curves.

They transform business-wear

Make your formal attire feel a little more feminine with an elegant chemise. You’ll feel more supported throughout the day if your design has adjustable straps.

They make great nightwear

While you might prefer to wear pyjamas most of the time, special occasions call for a decedent night dress that oozes femininity. They are also super-soft and comfortable, helping you to have a restful night’s sleep.

They’ll transform your outerwear

For a sophisticated look, you can also wear a chemise as part of your outerwear wardrobe. Strappy chemises make the perfect summer dresses and can be layered with jackets, cardigans and tights for extra warmth.

Finding a chemise that’s right for you

Now that you know the history of the chemise and how to wear this delicate style, you can enjoy looking for a stunning piece to add to your wardrobe. At Camille, we have gorgeous chemise nighties to suit your needs and style. You can also complete your look with our wide range of lingerie, so browse our extensive collection today to treat yourself to high-quality garments made to boost your confidence.


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