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    How to Wash Bras

    For many households, washing lingerie is a task that is typically done regularly to maintain proper cleanliness and keep each garment in tip-top condition. Bras are often thrown into the washing…

  • Health Lifestyle

    How to Wind Down

    In a time when it feels almost impossible to relax, we at Camille want to help you wind down and enjoy a quiet moment of peace. With so much threatening your…

  • Three women wearing sports bra's in the gym.
    Activewear Health Lifestyle

    Why Wear A Sports Bra?

    We all know that wearing the right bra is essential for a healthy bust, but many women aren’t changing their bra to exercise. 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra,…

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    Mastectomy Recovery: Time to Talk

    Here at Camille, we want to make sure that each woman has a selection of beautiful and comfortable underwear available to them, and this includes women recovering from a mastectomy to…

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    7 Steps to a Cheap and Cheerful Spring Detox

    We’re finally seeing the back of the cold and frosty winter season and preparing for the welcoming arrival of Spring. Whilst everybody is talking about spring cleaning, we at Camille are…

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    January Keep Fit

    Every year people make New Year’s resolutions to stick to throughout the year which can be from losing weight to saving money, data shows that most people don’t start their New…