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Bra Fitting Guide

Fit the Straps

If the straps are too slack or too tight, you’re going to be in for a painful or annoying bra experience. Make sure the straps are firmly tightened without being too tight across the shoulders or so slack that they are always slipping down your arms.

Get someone else to adjust the straps if you can’t manage yourself!

Fit The Cups

This may feel a little silly, but once you have your bra on, bend over slightly so that your breasts fall naturally into the cups. Slowly stand up, making sure the bra doesn’t slip out of place.

Next, our favourite technique - Swoop and Scoop!
Insert your hand into the bra from the side nearest your armpit and swoop it round to the front, scooping your breast inwards and upwards. This allows you to gather the full breast into the bra cup where it can do the most work!

Check all along the line of each cup - are your breasts spilling over the top? Are the cups pressing down and giving a four-boob-effect? You should consider a larger cup size.

Take a look at the appearance of the cup. It should be smooth in appearance and not have any wrinkles on the surface.

Check The Front

The centre piece of your bra should lie flat against the breastbone. If it’s digging in from any angle, or if there’s a gap, then the bra isn’t fitting properly.

Check The Back

The strap at the back of the bra should rest comfortably against the middle of your back, again fitting firmly without digging in or hanging loose.

Another sign that your bra isn’t fitting properly is the strap riding up at the back. Take a look in the mirror to check that this isn’t happening.

Your bra should be snug on the loosest hook. Material can expand when exposed to body heat and stretching, so you should give yourself plenty of hooks to tighten with after prolonged wear.

Final Checklist

Does Your Bra Feel Comfortable on the Shoulders? Have You Scooped and Swooped? Checked for Over spill?

Does the Front Lie Flat Against Your Breastbone? Does the Back Rest Comfortable Against the Middle of Your Back?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above, Congratulations - You have a well-fitting bra! 

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