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Brief Style Guide

Choosing a pair of women’s briefs comes down entirely to personal preference, but with so many different styles out there it can be overwhelming! Understanding what styles of women’s briefs are available and how each pair of briefs are designed to fit, feel and flatter can go a long way towards helping you find which style of briefs might be perfect for you!

We’ve put together this guide to women’s briefs so you can unmuddle yourself from a pile of high legs, midis, thongs and bikinis and emerge victorious with your dream briefs in hand! Next time you’re feeling stuck, refer back to this guide to remind yourself which women’s brief styles are which and never suffer that uncomfortable wiggle caused by ill fitting briefs again…

Bikini Briefs

Bikini Briefs

Inspired by bikini swimwear bottoms, bikini briefs have a high leg but sit low on the hips. They work under most outfits in your wardrobe and are flattering for nearly all figures, but look their best on athletic figures looking to show off curvaceous hips.

Boy Shorts


Imitating the popular men’s boxer brief style, boyshorts are tipped to be the most comfortable of all women’s brief styles. You’ll recognise them by their rectangular shape with the leg extending a little way down the thigh. Perfect if you’re looking for something form fitting, or as a comfortable loungewear option.


Brazilian/Hipster Briefs

A choice for the fashion conscious, brazilian briefs hug the hips below the waist which gives you great coverage while working perfectly with low rise jeans. Otherwise known as hipster briefs, these knickers feature a cutaway style at the back that adds a flirtatious touch while remaining super comfortable.


Control Briefs

Designed to offer maximum control and boost your confidence while wearing tight fitting clothing, control briefs cover the whole hip and waist area to offer support to your middle. Not the most flattering pair of briefs on their own, but transforming your silhouette in no time at all.


Full Briefs

If coverage is your priority, full briefs are the choice for you. Featuring both a high waist that comes up and over the hips and a low cut on the legs that reaches the very top of the thighs, full briefs are flattering on tummies as they create a smooth silhouette under any outfit. 

G String


Offering the smallest amount of coverage possible from a pair of women’s briefs, the g-string simply covers the front with a small triangle, with strings to the back and sides. G-strings are more for decoration than practical day to day use, but they’re always a hit when you’re looking for things to get steamy.

High Leg

High leg/French cut briefs

Briefs with a high leg are often referred to as a French Cut brief. One of the most flattering women’s brief styles for elongating legs, high leg briefs offer a good amount of coverage while providing better circulation thanks to the legline resting just above the widest part of the thigh.


Maxi Briefs

Offering slightly less coverage than the full brief, women’s maxi briefs cover the hips but stop just before the waist for a form fitting and flattering look that leaves you feeling secure and supported. Maxi briefs can easily be worn underneath clothing such as jeans without peeking over the top.


Midi Briefs

The style of women’s briefs that goldilocks herself would describe as just right, midi briefs are a cross between bikini briefs and a full brief. Sitting on the hips for full yet flattering coverage, women’s midi briefs are typically the most popular choice for everyday wear.

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Remove any risk of a visible panty line by choosing a thong. Eliminating the dreaded VPL, thongs offer coverage only at the front, reducing to a string at the back for maximum visibility while worn.

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