Men vs Women: What is the ideal breast size?

Breasts, boobs, melons, bangers or baps. Whatever you call them, there’s no denying that everyone has an opinion on the perfect breast size. Whether you have them, or you’re simply a fan of their work - the argument surrounding the ideal breast size has raged on for decades. We’ve decided to find out once and for all what men and women consider to be the holy grail of mammary glands.

Does bigger necessarily mean better?

Do men still prefer mountains over molehills?

Is it all about size or does shape matter?

We asked 1100 men and women what they thought were the ‘best breasts’ and the results just might surprise you.

Gentlemen prefer… bigger boobs

The C cup proved to be the most popular ideal breast size across our survey, with 39% of all respondents choosing it above other sizes, in second place we have the D cup which gained favour with 28% of people in our survey.

When we break down our data by gender, the most popular breast size for women is a C cup, with 41% of women saying that that’s their ideal size, followed by a D cup at 25%.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men prefer a slightly bigger cup with 41% of men saying that D cup breasts are their ideal.

Although smaller sizes were favourable with our female respondents, it’s interesting to note that more women favoured the larger E cup size than men. Does this show that women are still coveting bigger boobs?

Men and women agree, round breasts are best

So we know what size breasts are seen as best by each sex, but what about the shape? We asked our respondents to choose from six common breast shapes, asymmetric, athletic, bell, East West, relaxed and round.

The most popular shape for the whole survey is round, with 41% of people saying that’s their ideal. The more relaxed bell shape takes second place with 16% and the more muscular athletic shape coming in third with 15%.

Although breast size still proves to be a divisive topic in the battle of the sexes, it seems that when it comes to shape - we’re all on the same page. Men and women agree that full, round breasts are their ideal shape, with the ‘fuller at the bottom’ bell shape taking second place for both sexes.

Now that we know how the genders are split when it comes to the best boobs, we want to dive in even further to see what other factors impact the search for the perfect pair. From age to location, is it more than a battle of the sexes?



Does age determine which breast is best?

We’ve looked at boob preferences when it comes to gender, but does age affect what you consider to be the perfect pair?

Our survey shows that it does, with 16-20 year old respondents preferring an athletic shape. This could tie into the desire to look fit and healthy when you’re younger, with many 16-20 year olds following ‘fitness bloggers’ and influencers who champion the slender shape.

At the other end of the scale we have our 60+ respondents who prefer a relaxed breast shape. Does comfort become key as you get older or are the older generation done with the quest for physical perfection?

Our middle aged respondents all agreed that a round breast is best, possibly relating to the view that a fuller breast signals good fertility. When we’re at the age where we consider starting a family, do we still gravitate towards a breast that symbolises our desire to nurture?


The UK prefers C cup breasts, but bigger is better down South!

Does where you live impact what your ideal boobs look like? According to our survey, yes!

In the North the round C cup breast reigns supreme for men and women, whereas Scotland prefers the smaller B cup, but shares the love of a full rounded breast.

The South East is where we find our lovers of bigger busts with 34% of respondents living in the South East preferring a fuller D cup breast.

Size doesn’t seem to matter in Northern Ireland, with equal love shown for B, C and D cup breasts.

The continued quest for the perfect pair

Whatever your preference, it’s clear the ‘which breast is best’ argument lives on! It’s no surprise that large breasts still reign supreme for our male respondents.

The idea of the perfect pair has been created through decades of exposure to lads mags and Page 3, with larger breasts hailed as the ultimate goal for men and women.

Although the majority of women would prefer a C cup bust, the fact that there is a noted interest in E cup breasts highlights that women may also have the ‘bigger is better’ mentality.

With age, location and shape all proving to be key factors in deciding which breasts are best, it proves that this argument is anything but straightforward!

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