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Proskins History

Who Are Proskins?

From the very beginning, Proskins have had a clear vision in mind; empowering you to start your fitness journey by creating high performance activewear to keep you looking, feeling and performing at your very best.

Born in Nottingham in 2005, Proskins are a British company that pride themselves on designing and testing their activewear right here in the UK. Their methods for designing and testing activewear are pioneering for the activewear industry, drawing upon expertise from leading fitness experts and elite athletes.

Motivated by innovation, Proskins are driven to source and implement some of the most advanced technology in the industry meaning that their activewear benefits from forward thinking features such as micro-capsule embedded yarns, HiG precision compression, and material that wicks away moisture and regulates the temperature of your body while you work out.

Proskins are passionate about inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals, ensuring that their activewear is designed for maximum performance with design features that can improve lymphatic performance, reduce the appearance of skin ageing and reduce fatigue. Their activewear is designed for real life, to achieve real goals and to take real action.

Proskins Technology & Testing

Proskins are proud of being pioneers in their field. Their activewear has been developed via a process of sourcing and implementing the most innovative fabric solutions and technology in the industry.

Working closely with experts and athletes in the Progressive Sports Technologies department at Loughborough University Sports Technology Institute, Proskins have been able to peer review their research and test their activewear against European quality standards to find the optimum compression levels required for improving circulation and blood flow which aids post exercise recovery.

So How Does Proskins Technology Work?

Proskins activewear aims to benefit the wearer by improving their fitness performance through a series of innovative features designed and tested in collaboration with industry experts and athletes. Each range of Proskins activewear carries its own unique benefits so you can choose the activewear that meets your individual fitness needs to help you achieve your goals.