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Top 5 Outfit Solutions from Camille

Have you ever bought your dream outfit, tried it on at home and realised you don’t have the right underwear to wear with it? We’ve been there! The good news is that here at Camille, we have a fabulous selection of outfit solutions ready and waiting to go so you can wear your dream outfit any time! We’ve applied our expert underwear knowledge to a range of style scenarios in which you might need specialist underwear or shapewear, so if you’re struggling to find the right outfit solution,...

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Camille Wedding Must Haves: Top 6 Lingerie & Nightwear For The Big Day

It has long been a tradition for the bride to invest in brand new wedding lingerie and bridal nightwear in preparation for the big day. While modern brides perhaps don’t know about the origin of this tradition, the thrill of buying or being gifted these special lingerie and nightwear items are still a popular way to celebrate the transition from Miss to Mrs. Here at Camille, our lingerie and nightwear collections are full of beautiful pieces that are perfect for treating a special bride-to-be...

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Bra Guides
Camille Guide: Buying Your First Bra

One of the key moments in a teenager’s life is buying your first bra, but you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with questions. How do you know when you’ll need one? What should you look for in a first bra? How do you measure for a first bra? Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that in our guide to buying your first bra. It should be a fun and exciting experience after all, and you don’t want to dampen the occasion by getting stressed out or feeling awkward! You can read this guide...

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Easy At-Home Gym Tips To Get You Motivated Again

We’ve all been there, your grand plans to have your summer bod ready and raring to go by July all sounded great in January, but summer is here and you’re left wondering where the time went! It’s not too late to make good on your resolution, though. Whether you’ve abandoned your fitness plan completely or you’re just feeling like your motivation has trickled away, we’ve got some easy at-home gym tips to get you feeling motivated again in no time! Working out at home can be great f...

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Essential Underwear Every Woman Needs

As much as we wish it were true, the fact is that there’s no such thing as one set of lingerie that works for all occasions. Chances are that, over time, you’ve acquired all kinds of different bras and briefs, matching or otherwise, and you’re wondering if all of them are really that necessary. Everyone enjoys a good tidy out of their wardrobe, and the same can be done with your lingerie drawer to leave you with a few essential underwear items that will get you through any kind of situati...

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Get Beach Ready: Holiday Prep

It’s an unfortunate fact that as a result of spending most of our year in the gloomy UK weather, we’re simply not prepared when we head off on a summer holiday for the drastic change in climate. The truth is that packing your suitcase is only one small part of the holiday prep routine, and if you haven’t carefully considered all the beach beauty prep you’ll need to do before your jaunt abroad, you might end up causing yourself some serious pre-holiday stress! Don’t worry, we wouldn’...

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Camille Lingerie - Designer Women’s Lingerie & Underwear

Here at Camille, we’re all about providing our ladies with luxury lingerie products, comfortable nightwear and more. We at Camille are committed to offering a diverse and high quality range of ladies lingerie, shapewear and nightwear that’s designed to suit women of all shapes and sizes.

Specialists in providing bras to suit a range of individual needs and style preferences, Camille underwear aims to boost your confidence and offer your body support where you need it most. With a wide selection of individual bras and briefs and matching sets to choose from, you’ll always be able to find lingerie and designer ladies underwear that makes you feel fabulous underneath your clothing - and don’t forget to pick up some essential men’s underwear for the man in your life!

Snuggle up at nighttime with our gorgeous range of luxury  ladies nightwear, including women’s pyjamas,  dressing gowns and more. We can even have the whole family ready for a blissful night’s sleep with our ranges of men’s nightwear and children’s onesies at Camille!

 Learn even more about Camille and the fabulous selection of Camille lingerie, nightwear, shapewear and more we have waiting for you.